What we do?

Our Activities:

''Guarding the Standards and Continuity of Perinatal and Postnatal Care'' Project (2015/2016)

The project is an advocacy for making Perinatal and Postnatal Care Standards a life-reality, including making a midwife-led care a fully available option for Public Health Fund patients. Our project is a continuation of the Foundation's struggle of many years to introduce unified standards of medical care, based on Patient's Rights and modern medical processes in Poland.

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Who we are?

Childbirth with Dignity Foundation / mission, goals and activities.

In 1994 the largest national daily in Poland announced a nationwide campaign entitled "Childbirth with Dignity" as a response to years of humiliation and suffering of childbearing women in obstetric hospitals. Our aim was to initiate a public dialogue on the subject of childbirth in order to transform a taboo topic into a positive one so that women in Poland no longer need to feel humiliated and lonely during such a vital experience.

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