The Organizational Standard of Perinatal Care

In this article we would like to share some information on regulation which influences maternity care in Poland. We start with it’s history to show the perspective and background, then there is a summary of most important provisions of the Standard. This article is dedicated mainly to midwives and other professionals who find English version of the Standard useful in their work. Separate article dedicated to non-professionals who are interested in the Standard of perinatal care in Poland is going to be shared. 

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What we do?

Our Activities:

''Guarding the Standards and Continuity of Perinatal and Postnatal Care'' Project (2015/2016)

The project is an advocacy for making Perinatal and Postnatal Care Standards a life-reality, including making a midwife-led care a fully available option for Public Health Fund patients. Our project is a continuation of the Foundation's struggle of many years to introduce unified standards of medical care, based on Patient's Rights and modern medical processes in Poland.

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Who we are?

Childbirth with Dignity Foundation / mission, goals and activities.

In 1994 the largest national daily in Poland announced a nationwide campaign entitled "Childbirth with Dignity" as a response to years of humiliation and suffering of childbearing women in obstetric hospitals. Our aim was to initiate a public dialogue on the subject of childbirth in order to transform a taboo topic into a positive one so that women in Poland no longer need to feel humiliated and lonely during such a vital experience.

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