Who we are?

Childbirth with Dignity Foundation / mission, goals and activities.

In 1994 the largest national daily in Poland announced a nationwide campaign entitled "Childbirth with Dignity" as a response to years of humiliation and suffering of childbearing women in obstetric hospitals. Our aim was to initiate a public dialogue on the subject of childbirth in order to transform a taboo topic into a positive one so that women in Poland no longer need to feel humiliated and lonely during such a vital experience.

The campaign was a great success, not only for its organizers (The Ecology Educational Centre, the childcare monthly "Twoje Dziecko" and "Gazeta Wyborcza"), but above all for the thousands of women from all parts of the country who shared their experiences with us in letters and questionnaires. Numerous physicians and midwives actively and positively responded to the call for change and thus began a transformation in the field of obstetrics in Poland. Women no longer have to give birth without the presence of their partner, no longer are denied visitors after childbirth, and are no longer separated from the babies after birth.

In order to keep the idea and the goals of the campaign alive, the organizers founded The Foundation for Childbirth with Dignity.


The Foundation for Childbirth with Dignity is a non-governmental organisation aimed at working with pregnant women and the mothers of newborns and toddlers. Our aim is to empower women so that they may openly express their needs and demand the respect of their rights. Furthermore, the women's experiences are highly publicized in the firm belief that a society that recognises the significance of such issues as childbirth and motherhood will surely become a more sensitive, open and caring society.

Our goals:

  • A health care system that respects the needs of women and their families
  • Free access to ob-gyn care that treats women as partners with a voice
  • A friendly environment for newborns
  • An environment in which parents may actively and deeply experience parenthood
  • Women who are aware of their rights and capable of demanding that they be respected
  • Transparent hospitals
  • Medical procedures based on credible research findings
  • WHO recommendations implemented in Polish obstetric hospitals

Our activities:

  • Gathering data on maternity care in Poland
  • Running a data base on the conditions of obstetric wards and hospitals, as well as on birthing schools and lactation clinics
  • Monitoring of patients' rights
  • Working for the respect of the rights of women in the labour force
  • Legal consultation for pregnant women and women with newborns and toddlers
  • Preparation for childbirth so that it may be a positive and creative experience
  • Assistance for women at the beginning of motherhood (including help during postpartum depression)
  • Organising conferences and workshops for healthcare professionals
  • Support for midwives in their efforts to practice independently

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